240SX Auto to 5 Speed Transmission Swap

A common problem you’ll run into when finding your perfect Nissan 240SX is finding one with an automatic transmission. This kinda kills the sportscar aspect of owning this great car – but it’s not that big of a deal. You can do a 240sx 5 speed swap for about $800-1000 providing you can do the labor yourself.

I have done my 240sx auto to 5 speed tranmission swap and took 16 hours wrenching, but no air tools, and me alone. I did it again in 12 hours with air tools and a little help.

And I then ran a full second faster in the quarter mile: Best with auto was a 16.6 @ 84, same mods with the 240sx 5-speed swap was 15.6 @ 89.

240sx 5-Speed Transmission Swap Kits

Here is all the info you need for this 240sx tranmission swap, and the details the work.

All you need is all the parts associated with a manual transmission.

  • Master cylinder
  • Clutch pedal
  • Hard line from master cylinder to distribution block
  • Distribution block
  • Rubber line from distribution block to slave cylinder
  • Slave cylinder
  • Transmission
  • Shifter
  • Shifter boot
  • Dash trim
  • Tranny bracket (rear mount)
  • Throw out bearing
  • Clutch
  • Clutch fork
  • Clutch plate
  • Flywheel
  • MT flywheel bolts (6)
  • MT pilot bushing
  • MT transmission bellhousing bolts

The bellhousing bolts are similar, but different for the Auto and 5-speed transmissions. You may be able to reuse a couple, but you’ll need new ones (length) for 95% of the bolts. Anyway, here are the part numbers and lengths:

  • Bolts = 08131-0601A / 60mm length / 4 needed
    Washers = 08915-2401A / 4 needed
  • Bolt = 08131-0701A / 70mm length / 1 needed
    Washer = 08915-2401A
  • Bolts = 08124-0301F / 35mm / 2 needed
    Nuts = 08911-2401A / 2 needed
  • Bolt = 08124-0601F / 65mm / 1 needed
    Nut = 09811-2401A / 1 needed
  • Bolt = 08071-0251A / 25mm / 1 needed
  • Starter Bolts = 01121-03751 / 95mm / 2 needed

And a FSM to do the work. It’s not some black magic. It’s a remove and install job. Should be easy for mechanically inclined folks, and possibly a nightmare for mechanical-newbies or the mechanically-challenged.

There was a site on the web a long time ago with very detailed info, but it’s been a dead link for a long, long time. I saved the electrical info on 240sx auto to manual tranmission swap, and am hosting it here: coming soon..

240sx Transmission Swap Cost

I get asked all the time about the 240sx transmission swap cost me? I did my whole swap for ~$700, here’s the breakdown: :

  • Transmission = $250, talked them out of the core charge.
  • Flywheel = $60
  • Driveshaft = $75
  • Clutch = Free, used parts from friends = Centerforce pressure plate and a half worn stock disc.
  • Master and Slave cylinder + lines = Less than $100.
  • Clutch pedal assembly = $30
  • Brake pedal = Just cut it down to size.
  • ECU = Usually go for $100 or so.
  • Misc. bolts and fluids = Less than $50.

So the cost to 240sx 5 speed swap is just under $700. About the same as exhaust and a pulley, but those combined won’t cut a second off your 1/4. Just so you know it’s possible. Just take your time gathering all 240sx swap kit and parts. You can find quality, low mile, used stuff out there.

Additional Info for 240sx Tranmission Swap

You can use your auto ECU until you find a 240sx 5-speed one, but you will have cold weather start issues every once and awhile. Not that it won’t start, but it may idle rough until warm.

Just cut the auto brake pedal off by and inch on the left side. Just as good, and less $$$ and time.

The auto pilot bearing is a pain in the ass to remove, but there is a tool made to remove it. I didn’t have one for my 240sx 5 speed swap, but used it on the second one. Took 5 minutes with it. I used a Dremel and a screwdriver first time around (not a good method).