240SX Convertible 1992 – 1994

Nissan made the convertible 240SX from 1992 to 1994 (Convertible was the only body style available in 1994). This is the car is basically stock form.

This is another look at the Nissan 240SX car in a form close to stock. Pay attention because this car has already undergone a phase of body upgrades. You can notice the body kit added to the S13. This is nothing compared to where the car is going in our direction.

The front end had to be adapted to fit on the 240SX convertible. It is from a kit intended to bolt onto the front of an RX7. This is one way to ensure that your 240SX does not look like anyone else’s.

And at the rear, we have – yes, that’s right – Supra tail lights. I know this is a good-looking 240SX modded, and I have to admit I am a little curious about it, but I would not attempt this in New England, where the weather can be less than agreeable.

As it stands, I need to reseal my factory tail lights to prevent water from leaking in. Sealing, not styling, is my main concern. That doesn’t take anything away from the looks of Harp’s lights.

Just in case you thought the sides were simply screwed, glued, or riveted on – here’s a shot of the skirts being worked into the body. This car’s body is surely getting a lot of attention.

Here’s a look at the other side under construction. It looks like the entire rear of the car was re-formed to work with the new tail lights. This is really the only way to get them to look as if they belong on the back of this car.

Once the tail lights were in, it was time to shift attention to the fenders. The rear fenders received a nice flair treatment. Attention to detail will be especially evident on this side of the car because the flair will be carried through the gas filler lid.

Here’s the payoff on the tail lights. Probably one-of-a-kind-looking 240sx 1994. I don’t know of any others with this conversion. It is refreshing to look at the rear of a car with body modifications that are not ruined by a giant ‘Kombat’ or aluminum wing.

This is the front view of the car. Every time my GF sees this Nissan 240SX convertible, she has to ask who it is and what kind of car it is. She likes. And in the end, isn’t that what we’re all after?

You can get an idea of just how integrated the 240SX convertible front-end treatment is – the front fenders and bumper cover are now one piece. Let’s hope he doesn’t plan on plumbing an intercooler through there! We can also get a peek at the Z32 brakes through the open spokes of the front wheels. A definite necessity when you stand to lose so much custom work by tapping something with your front bumper.