Nissan 240SX – Basic Suspension

The 240SX uses a MacPherson Strut front suspension and a 5-link independent rear suspension. The suspension system is supplemented by front and rear sway bars. (The 1995-1998 240SX Standard Coupe had only a front sway bar.) The S14 suspension works in the same way as the S13 although the dimensions of the components are slightly different between the two models.

S13 Suspension

A MacPherson Strut suspension consists of an upright (containing the hub) that is supported at the bottom by an A-arm attached to the chassis. The strut is fixed to the top of the upright and attached to the strut tower in the chassis through a pivoting joint.

The shock absorber is placed inside the strut, and the spring is positioned around the strut between two spring perches. An additional link is included between the chassis and the bottom of the upright in order to decrease front-to-back movement of the suspension upright. This link is called a Tension/Compression (T/C) rod or just Tension Rod.

The 240SX front suspension links include the Lower Control Arm, T/C Rods, and Tie Rods. The links of the rear suspension are the Rear Upper Control Arm, Forward Link, Lateral (Toe) Link, and Rear Lower Control Arm. The 240SX rear suspension is housed in a floating sub-frame bolted to the chassis. This sub-frame also holds the differential.

The Nissan 240SX is a highly sought-after platform for modifications. While enhancing performance is a common pursuit, it’s crucial to focus on certain foundational aspects to unleash the full potential of your vehicle.

Prioritize optimizing your suspension over boosting engine power. The ability to manoeuvre and stop effectively outweighs sheer speed. By fine-tuning the suspension of your Nissan 240SX, you can surpass your competitors in handling prowess and, depending on your racing style, even achieve better lap times.

While the potential modifications for the Nissan 240SX are vast and varied, we hope these basic suspension insights have provided a solid starting point to begin your modifications journey.