Look Different With a 240SX Wide Body Kit

There are many original designs that increase functionality to direct airflow for performance purposes on your tuned Nissan 240SX. These cars are a tuner favorite of the JDM scene. Fitting a 240SX body kit that adds downforce and ducts for brake cooling will allow you to stay on the track longer and keep your car planted on the straights.

Accessories to your 240SX body kit, such as xenon/hid lights, side marker lights, and spoilers, can help you get the image you’ve been looking for. Changing the headlights or taillights is a great way to add to the body kit on your Nissan 240sx.

There are many online retailers with access to hard-to-find JDM body kits to find the parts to make your ride original. Companies like Version Select and GP Sports make quality parts to give your 240sx the style it deserves.

Original OEM body accessories can make your car stand out. These cars can really stand out with the right body kit. A wide-body kit can allow you to use wider wheels for a dramatic tuned look. There are 3 options most 240SX body kits are made of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), fiberglass, and actual metal work.

With a wide body kit and accessories on your Nissan 240SX, you have a chance to look different than other cars at your local import shows. Make sure to match your wide body kit with wheels of the proper offset and width. Wider wheels to match your kit will increase your track to increase your handling. Choose your construction options carefully, as each material has advantages and disadvantages.

Your 240SX rocket bunny body kit will set the tone for the image you want to create. With these options, you will achieve the look of your dreams.

Finding Nissan 240SX Body Kit

Finding Nissan 240sx car parts isn’t very difficult in most cases. There are many sources available for the Nissan 240sx body kit, but some are quite expensive. However, there are also many sources for finding affordable car parts – if you know where and how to look.

Of course, you can purchase new parts for your Nissan 240sx in almost any auto parts store. If they don’t stock the parts that you want or need, they can easily order them for you. Depending on the car part you are looking for, you may need to call a foreign car parts dealer. You can also find new car parts through online resources.

However, if you want more affordable 240SX parts, depending on the part you need, there are more options. Start by checking with your local junkyard. Getting parts off of wrecked Nissan 240sx vehicles is very easy. Simply call the junkyard, find out if they have the right year model out in their yard, and show up with your tools. You will have to remove the part yourself in most cases.

You can also buy reconditioned parts. These are sold through junk yards, auto part stores, and even on eBay. Again, finding Nissan 240sx car parts isn’t hard – it really just depends on how much you want to pay for the part and which part you need.

The Nissan 240SX offers an easy-to-drive package for very little money. Its sister car in Japan, the Nissan Silvia, is more powerful and arguably better looking. It has many parts that can be transplanted into its poor North American cousin.

Buying a 240SX allows you to belong to an elite fraternity of RWD car owners that have chosen to do something different from the Honda crowd. They have chosen the properly driven wheels of a sports car over the inclement weather benefits of front-wheel drive. This car is a car great for many motorsport activities, such as circuit racing, drag racing, and drifting.

Don’t be left out. Join a group of car owners that have chosen fun over boring. Whether this is your first 240sx or your 5th, we all enjoy these cars for their great combination of speed, handling, and reliability. The 240sx has a rich heritage that can be enjoyed by anyone. Whether you own a Silvia, 180SX, or 240SX, enjoy driving the modified 240SX in all of its fine forms.