Nissan 240SX Rocket Bunny

The 240sx rocket bunny body kits make the car look wide, but as with the stance look, they also make them look lower. The main point of these kits is to stand out, and if you’ve ever seen one in person, that’s what you’ll do. No one has ever looked at a wide body Nissan car and completely dismissed it.

I think the ultimate goal for a good 240SX rocket bunny is to make sure the extended arches fit well with the wheels. If not, it’s just not going to look right, so when you’re getting the Fitment right, make sure you’re working your maths too.

What I really like and what most people enjoy is just the smooth look that really makes a car look flush.

What is rocket bunny?

Oh yeah, a little story about Rocket Bunny. It refers to a specific style of wide body kits produced by TRA Kyoto in Japan. The Nissan 240SX rocket bunny is sold here in the US under the ‘Pandem’ name due to copyright issues.

Rocket Bunny itself is a stream of modifications that adheres to a wide body using a high-quality FRP body kit. Miura san herself did not initially have the idea to name the results of her work. Until one day, Miura san was lost in thought and flashed Rocket Bunny in his mind. That’s what made Miura decide to use the name Rocket Bunny until now.

Rocket Bunny, often called Pandem, is now exclusively imported by Japanese aftermarket producers, GReddy, bro. One of the philosophies promoted by Rocket Bunny is to combine cultural concepts in classic Japanese cars that are collaborated with modern images without losing the character of the car. Then, does the Rocket Bunny body kit function well on street racing modified cars.

Rocket Bunny has become a popular choice for car enthusiasts who want to customize their cars and give them a unique look. Their body kits are known for their high-quality materials and precise fit, and they offer a wide range of options for many different car models.

Unlike most other body kits, which rely on hand-shaped clay or urethane, every Rocket Bunny / Pandem body kit begins with a full vehicle laser scan. This process produces a complex 3D digital rendering of the stock vehicle. That’s what makes the 240SX rocket bunny kit price so special too.

From there, the 240SX rocket bunny boss, Kei Miura, draws inspiration from his background in Japanese classic car culture to rethink and reinvent the overall image of modern cars with old-school design cues.

Mr. Miura pays careful attention not to ruin key features of the original car’s design. He strives to enhance the overall look of the vehicle. The CG rendering is then revised and refined until it meets Miura’s exacting standards.

The complicated 240sx rocket bunny body kit making process does not end there; the digital data is then entered into his in-house CNC mill. From huge polystyrene blocks, each component has it’s negative carved out to help build perfectly shaped and symmetrical master molds.

Japanese-made 240SX Rocket Bunny kits are not massed produced, so great care is taken for each component. The end result is a superior fitting aero kit with an artful design that is admired and sought after by car enthusiasts around the world.

Rocket Bunny or Pandem aero kits come directly from the TRA Kyoto, Japan. Each part is designed by Ken Miura from his computer scans and CNC molds. Each part is manufactured in Japan with high-quality materials and time-consuming care to ensure it’s designed to shape. All Rocket Bunny PANDEM FRP aero parts come in a raw gel-coat finish that will require paint prep ( to fill small surface imperfections, cover hairline surface cracks in the finish, and sand seams and edges for fine fitment) and smooth out the surface finish before painting. Parts may have minor imperfections that will require touch-up and paint prep. Most example images shown are computer-generated renderings or cars with professional paint prep and painting. It is always recommended to prep and paint the FRP items before final installation. Body cutting and inner fender sealing are required for the installation of some products.

240SX Rocket Bunny Galleries

This Nissan 240SX photo shown here is a perfect blend of fashion and performance, combining the famed rotary engine with the extreme body kit styling that Rocket Bunny is known for.

Now for you Diecast Lovers who want to collect Diecast Pandem Rocket Bunny 240SX, you have to hunt which Distributor sells the product.