What Does a Complete Engine Rebuild Include?

Looking to save some money and improve the raw power and fuel mileage you are looking for? Instead of buying a new engine and having it installed, why not just rebuild your existing motor at a more affordable cost. What does a complete engine rebuild include?

The process of all engine rebuilds is described below.

Sports or racing engine rebuilds

Auto repair professionals can do an overhaul or complete rebuild, depending on your needs. You know already that it takes a real specialist to rebuild a car engine to use for sport or racing. Auto repair professionals is someone with both the experience and enthusiasm to be able to do all your engine rebuilds.

Everyday car engine rebuilds

car engine rebuilds

Obviously, with the knowledge of how to rebuild a hi-powered sports racing car, we are able to do the same for your everyday street car.

  • Do you need a bit more bottom-end power for hills?
  • An increase in acceleration for overtaking other traffic?
  • Better fuel economy or to cure an overheated cylinder head?

Auto repair professionals can fix it for you.

What’s involved in fully rebuilding an engine?

The first thing we do would be to dismantle the engine to give it a thorough check. We need to make sure it can be safely re-bored as part of a complete engine rebuild. Before we can do that, we need to clean down the whole engine using an environmentally safe but effective car engine cleaner. By the time we finished that process, it had looked as good as new.

The whole motor is then checked for visible cracks to make sure it is still good enough in order to rebuild the engine. If not, we may recommend starting with a different engine.

Cylinder head

At this stage of all engine rebuilds, we look at skimming the cylinder head along with surface grinding and pressure testing.

This would also include, where necessary, a number of other options, including

  • Valve and valve seating re-cutting (or replacement with new hardened seats, depending on the type and condition of the valve seats).
  • Valve Tappet shimming
  • Line boring and honing the camshaft housing
  • PPC Fitting

All this would be as part of the complete dismantling and assembly of the cylinder head. A very necessary component of all thorough engine rebuilds.

Cylinder blocks

If necessary, we will be looking at boring and honing each of the cylinders. Re-facing and re-sleeving along with line boring and honing to ensure all necessary work is completed to give a top-class result.

Crankshaft and camshaft

We now turn to clean the crank and camshaft. This will enable us to check the camshaft for bad lobes or scrapes before machining and facing the camshaft followers. The crankshafts are checked for straightness prior to regrinding and polishing. This is an essential part of any engine rebuild carried out.

All connecting rods will be checked prior to machining, resizing or straightening, or re-bushing.

Oil pumps

We all know the importance of a first-class oil pump. All engine rebuilds should include the oil pumps being stripped down for a thorough check prior to being reassembled.

Final engine assembly

After a final cleaning, new oil sump plugs are fitted prior to the cam bearings and the reworked camshaft being installed in the engine block. Next comes the crankshaft and new main bearings, along with the connecting rods. New piston rings and rod bearings are added before installing push rods, rocker arms, and full adjustment of valves, timing belts, chains, and tensioners. Many engine rebuilds skip the timing adjustments, but this is considered by us an important part of the final tune-up.

Your new rebuilt engine is ready to rock and roll. In many cases, your engine will now be even better than the new one. Think a Complete Engine Rebuilds is like a new engine but cheaper.