Nissan KA24DE Turbo Kit

Nissan KA24DE Engine has become a quite common engine for turbo upgrades. This is due to the KA24DE engine have heavy duty iron blocks and 600cc cylinder size, which supplies powerful torque. The engine has an awesome foundation for a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. With the Nissan KA24DE turbo kit (also known as the KA24DET), you’ll get a remarkable boost in engine power without having to hurt your wallet.

With a proper concept and well-engineered turbo system handled by experts, the more horsepower can be realized on the stock internals.

A lots of car companies have found their way to turbocharging their engine. There are many car models that only have turbocharged engines like the Nissan ka24de. At present, it is Nissan’s turbo kit only which is considered best among others. The turbochargers of Nissan have been reviewed, and their ka24de turbo kit is said to be very effective among the other turbochargers. Plus, the KA24DE Engine is a lower-priced engine.

There are many reasons why the turbo kit is being used in the cars. However, there are some problems also which one may face when using the turbochargers. Below, we will discuss both how turbochargers are good for us and what problems one may have to face on using cars with turbochargers.  If you are also planning to buy engine with the turbocharger, we suggest you go for the ka24de engine, as it is quite powerful.

Why turbochargers or turbo kit is being used in the cars?

Before you buy a car with turbocharging technology, you need to understand why they are being used in vehicles. The turbo kit in any car is being attached to the exhaust manifold of vehicles.

It is a power-boosting device for the cars that have two ports the intake and the exhaust. Small turbines are connected on both the exhaust and intake side of the turbochargers.

The turbochargers are being used for increasing the engine power of the vehicles. It is a complete process that takes place with the help of the turbine. The Nissan Cars also have a turbine with the ka24de turbo kit intake manifold and exhaust manifold that is considered best among other cars with turbocharged engines for boosting engine power.

We cannot say that all the turbo kits used in the different car models are reliable. But the cars like Nissan have some best turbo kits. They use the ka24de engine, which is quite useful. The reliability of the turbo kits varies from one car model to another. A turbocharger has many parts attached to it, so if any component fails or stops working, it can create a problem. That is why it is also being said that turbocharge engines are quite complex. And due to this complexity only, they may require more maintenance.

KA24DE Turbo Rebuild Kits

Nissan KA24DE Turbo Kit
  • – RS Enthaply Tuned Engine Control Unit (ECU)
  • – Emusa T3/T04 50 trim turbocharger
  • – Emusa log turbo manifold
  • – HKS SSQV V2 Blow off valve (BOV)
  • – Sport JDM wastegate (10psi spring)
  • – Hallman Manual Boost Controller
  • – Greddy intercooler
  • – S13 SR Greddy intercooler piping
  • – Isis 255 LPH fuel pump
  • – Five-O 550cc injectors (sidefeed)
  • – Isis intake filter
  • – Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) block plate
  • – J30/Z32 mass air flow (MAF) sensor (N62)
  • – Deka ETX30 Battery
  • – Glowshift Boost Gauge
  • – Glowshift Oil Pressure Gauge
  • – AEM Wideband
  • – Oil Pan Tap
  • – Isis Radiator
  • – NGK BKR6E spark plugs
  • – Beck Arnley Water Pump
  • – ISIS 3″ blast pipes
  • – Various oil lines, fittings, vacuum line, T-bolts, zipties, fresh oil, oil filter, small filter/breather, etc

Many of the above parts I got for super cheap from mostly eBay, Zilvia, and Enjuku Racing. This is not recommended or advised but I was on a tight budget. If you can spend money on a few of these items it would be Tune, Turbo, and Wastegate/BOV.. in that order.

No matter which turbo kit you are using, it puts a strain on the internal components. Even if you are using the Nissan ka24de turbo kit, then also you will realize that the ka24de pistons are getting impacted because of it. Even the valves are also getting affected because of the increase in temperature and pressure. This is one of the reasons why turbochargers have more maintenance requirements.

When buying KA24DE Turbo Kit, you need to check a few things. Like, check whether the engine consumes oil or not, as some of them tend to consume oil. Compare the reliability of different engine from diffenrent manufacturer.

Because some car models have more reliable turbochargers in compare to the other car models. When you go for a turbocharged car test drive, just check if some white smoke is coming out of the exhaust. If it is then, it means that a particular turbocharger car model is not suitable to